Essay about Racism : Back Lives Matter

Essay about Racism : Back Lives Matter

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Racism: Back Lives Matter
America’s racism is a devastating force that possesses the power to render (Reed). Racism is something we thought would slowly disappear after we had to fight for equal rights. Black Americans face racism more than anyone else in this society. These days it may seem that racism is getting worse in society. Racism has always been an issue but for society now it seems like we are not moving forward. It can be a powerful weapon of hatred towards someone that can destroy someone mentality. Blacks more so than ever have had hard times finding a jobs and the unemployment rate is higher than ever, inequality rights when everyone should be treated equally, and the abuse from policemen is more horrible than the 90’s.
Martin Luther King Jr. was someone who fought and died for color people to have equal rights as whites. We have come a long way from slavery, concentration camps, sitting in the back of the bus, and the right to vote. Sometimes to move forward you have to take a couple of steps back to see what is not working and then fix it. What is not working now is how Black Americans still are not getting treated like everyone else and that is why the made a movement so they can be noticed. The movement “Black Lives Matter” started in 2013 and is getting increasingly bigger day by day. Every time something happens to a Black American they try to make what noticed and let people it is not ok they get treated in a way that is not ok. This movement all started when this African American teen boy died from a gun shooting. This organization is not going to stop until they get what they want, it might even led to a revolution.
The status of Black’s economics in America is dire youth unemployment hover at 30 perc...

... middle of paper ... does not give someone the right to beat them up. The Civil Rights Acts was a good step forward especially during that time, but that does not mean people followed it. People do not even follow rules now that is how they end up in jail because there is so much deviance in the world.
In conclusion, Racism is something we as a society need to fix to become better and stronger than ever. Black Lives Matter is a great organization that helps black people have a voice even when they need one. Having equal is not just something that is on a document and society says we have to follow it is how society works without those rights racism would be much worse. Not being able to get a job, not being treated the one is supposed to be treated and having policemen brutality injure the people is something we as society are still going to have to fight for together as a whole.

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