Essay Racism And Discrimination : From A Poor, Uneducated Muslim Family

Essay Racism And Discrimination : From A Poor, Uneducated Muslim Family

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Racism and discrimination both directly and indirectly affect me because I come from a poor, uneducated Muslim family, all of which puts me into the minority category. As a minority, upward mobility seems like an impossible dream. My mother was never able to attend school, and my father only studied up to the 10th grade. After moving to the United States in 2006, my parents ' relied on us to take care of many tasks that required understanding English, which forced my siblings and me to maneuver the adult world on our own. We are obliged to help with tasks such as paying bills, completing legal paperwork, and even taking our parents to the doctor and grocery stores. My family responsibility requires me to be mindful of my parents’ income, how we live, and our health. My father, who works as a cook in a restaurant, earns scarcely enough income to make ends meet. Many times these worries, pressure me and I feel it is necessary for me to work and help out my family. If I do choose to take that route, I wouldn’t get my education and therefore would have a low paying job and be back in the same position as my parents and remain underprivileged.
This is how upward mobility becomes impossible for many minority groups like me. Luckily, coming to America gave my siblings and me the opportunity to attend college. I am even more grateful for getting into a prestigious school as NYU. Hopefully getting into this top school helps me become successful and out of poverty. Although I am optimistic about my future, the chances of me succeeding is very slim. According to David Leonhardt “the odds of moving up — or down — the income ladder in the United States has not changed appreciably in the last 20 years( Leonhardt 1).” This is due to the many fo...

... middle of paper ... conservative and do not believe in the distribution of wealth, so many poor are usually the supporters of the Democratic Party.
The disparity among Americans seems inevitable, but there are many ways to improve the income disparity between white and other races. Successful people of color like Larry Elder should accept that not all people are as fortunate as he and his father and should aid the next generations of color and not blame them for what is wrong with the nation. Instead of condemning a young black man, we need to see what the nation is doing wrong. Even though we were able to put a black man in the highest position of power in the United States, there is a lot of work to be done about the equality of colored people in this nation. As a woman of color, I want to get a job based on my skills and not based on my culture, race, ethnicity, gender, or looks.

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