Essay Racism : A New Era Of Innovations And Technology

Essay Racism : A New Era Of Innovations And Technology

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Rosa Parks once said “Racism is still with us, but it is up to us to prepare our children for what they have to meet.” I stand here today in 2016, a new era of innovations and technology, where things have changed immensely but the ways of racism are still deeply ingrained into our society . Where African American parents sit down their children to warn them about the cruel world of racism. Where people of color see the police as their enemy , because one day there might be a man in a uniform whose purpose is to protect and serve that murderers their child in cold blood who didn 't deserve such an abrupt ending but that charges are still pending. and when the only question a broken hearted mother has is why she always get denied to tell her children 's side. A day in age where technology surrounds us all and social media exposes the man in the uniform who bludgeoned a blind black man to death and took away the black old man 's breath by choking him as his last words were pleases and cries out of plead i can 't breathe and oh no she died a spontaneous death in her cell no one can really tell even though it was all caught on camera as well.Where technology uncovers the blindside and no longer hides all the lies . The powerful tool of technology a weapon of sharing the misconduct of police brutality and unveiling their hostility while disrupting the tranquility as we began to question their true credibility . Where the police were once the hero but now all they cause is sorrow because the role of protections turns into neglect and the power they have goes to their heads and shuts down their hearts while tearing us apart. Where we still have to prepare our children for what they have to meet. So how do we change the a...

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... limited due to the distance and often times officers do not stay in their vehicles when approaching a perpetrator so the cameras in the vehicles are ultimately useless and have many flaws and are restricted as to how much they can really do. Another point of arrangement for opposers is cost. Although body cameras would be costly for the departments of justice it is worth the cost, the amount of lawsuits filed due to police brutally goes up yearly and is financially draining for the departments they would avoid these lawsuits with these body cameras and also what is cost of a life it comes nowhere close to that of a body cameras , you cannot put a price on a human 's life.

I urge you to join the movement of all lives matter and join forces regardless of race . We can make a difference by petitioning to have body cameras for police officers lets save lives !!

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