Persuasive Essay On Racism And Racism

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“Women belong in the kitchen, the men make the money”, “white people are better educated. Black people aren’t as educated as whites”. Throughout each person’s lives they often hear statements such as these. Women are supposed to act a certain way, men are supposed to be the strong ones, different races are assumed to be of a lesser class. Who really set these standards for everyone? Is this really a way the world should view each other? Stereotypes and racism have always been an underlying issue throughout many years. Even though some times have shown more improvement compared to others, the issue still resides. Everyone can change this problem, one step at a time.
The connection between racism and stereotyping has become more evident over
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Pushing people into a generalized group is not going to get anyone anywhere in life. Judging or stereotyping someone affects the one judging and the one being judged. Author Annie Paul brought out that, “We should also put in place techniques for reducing anxiety and building self-confidence that take advantage of our social natures.”(Par 14). By stereotyping one another each person is tearing down the others self esteem. Not everyone is the same. Some of these stereotypes view various people very negatively which make it hard for an individual to overcome this issue because he/she knows what others already believe them to be. By building one another up by viewing them as their own individual and not part of a crowd, could help tremendously throughout their lives and they can continue to do the same for…show more content…
The younger children growing up today are discovering how this world works. It’s not an easy place. It’s not a nice place as you get older. People that choose to stereotype others around them will have no problem stereotyping children as they grow older. For example, a issue with kids high school is that whoever seems to have the best name brand clothes, shoes, or other attire are the ones with more money. The more money you have the cooler you are. Along with that is the assumption that the more money you have, the more stuck up you are. This isn’t always true though. When parents teach their children to not feel superior over others and to consider everyone’s circumstances it instills a form of respect for others. And by respecting others and their feelings it could motivate them to think before they

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