Racial Issues Throughout The Civil Rights Movement Essay

Racial Issues Throughout The Civil Rights Movement Essay

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A large problem in America has always been racial issues and still continues to be prevalent in our society today. The United States likes to boast its reputation as a “melting-pot” as many cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds are mixed together, yet the country still continues to isolate individuals based on race. In the constitution, it says that everyone is supposed to have equal rights and liberties, yet after over 200 years, many minorities still struggle to obtain the same respect and equality that their white counterparts have always have. Laws should be created to enforce equality and justice for racial groups.
The biggest, most infamous civil rights movement was during the mid-1900s during the Civil Rights movement. African Americans fought peacefully and violently for their rights. Finally, after years of slavery and oppression, they were supposed to be finally given all the same rights. Voting was supposed to be equal, which is still seen today. Schools were also desegregated, which in today’s society is questionable. Restaurants, parks, and other places were supposed to be equal now. And yes, it’s true that African Americans and other minorities can freely do and go as they please, but the way they are treated isn’t fair.
In more recent years, in the twenty-first century in fact, there have been more examples of how racist America still is. Whites continue to pinpoint minorities for their attacks. People from African Americans to Hispanics to now Middle-Eastern people are being mistreated. This must be stopped. Not only does it go against America’s values, but it’s just simply immoral. A person is a person no matter what the color of their skin is. So many people assume that because a male is Black, he must...

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...s synonymous to “White Supremacy.” This is the belief that whites are superior to all other racial groups and should therefore dominate economically, socially and politically. This notion is dated back to the time of colonization with European being seen as the white people so really it’s more of European white supremacy.
If racism was truly eliminated, why some would applicants, who have nearly identical resumes as others, have a higher chance of getting an interview? They have the same qualifications and same experience levels so if all of that is the same, it would make sense that they were chosen based on their only difference- race. Choices of who got the job or interview would have been made based on which race the employers felt was better or would do the work better. This is Racism. Choosing applicants who were white rather than non-white is white supremacy.

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