Racial Discrimination Based On Bias Essay

Racial Discrimination Based On Bias Essay

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Discrimination Based On Bias
For hundreds of years, racial discrimination has been occurring in our society affecting families and underprivileged kids. Therefore, the racial slurs and the actions towards one another is based off bias, where we grew up and how we were raised as a child individually. From past experiences, to our current lifestyle, there will always be a discriminate person or group protesting and starting new revolutions because of the hatred and undoing actions that have occurred in our past society. Racism and bias opinions are understandable because they derive from from a person’s cultural influences, exposure to dominant racial organizations, and the tendency to conform to expected stereotypes.
From the beginning of the 1600’s to current day, racial discrimination has become a huge issue in our society. Discrimination first took part in America when African Americans were brought to America to help produce and distribute different types of supplies such as tobacco and corn. From there, African Americans were only known to work for white people and have no rights. I will admit, we have come a long ways since 1619 when all this controversy took place but why is it that we still all can’t respect each other in hateful words. By 1865, the 13th Amendment abolished slavery and soon became the 14th Amendment of “equal protection”. From there, new laws and hatred groups were created that dominated our society and split us up into two different groups. Black people are humans and should be treated like everyone else, or, Black people don’t deserve the right to live in America and should be forced to work for all white men. With all of these past occurring events, we can now see how our great grandparents have been inf...

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...on who actually believed in what Mr. Hailey had done was reasonable, that was until Jake Brigance had a saying in this. The moment when everyone closed their eyes, and he told the story of what happened to Tonya Hailey was significant. “Now picture that the girl is white.” changed how society looked at racial expectations, which is what the moral of the story was.
Racial bias has made an impact on the United States in a huge way. Starting from the 1600s to the 2000s, we have created a racial expectations of black people that are hateful and unfair. Over this long period of time, we have created revolutions, movements, wars, because of a doing or action being done by one or more people. We shouldn’t define a person on what their history shows or how they look. A human is a human and they shouldn’t be looked at any different than a white person should be perceived as.

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