Race, Ethnicity, Language, And Religion Essay

Race, Ethnicity, Language, And Religion Essay

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Race also known as ethnicity, is classifying a person by their physical characteristics like their skin type, eyes and hair color. Their cultural factors like nationality, ancestry, language, and religion. Race has played an important role in the development of the social history. Slavery rose in 1750s in every north American English colony. In the American Yawp, it talks about slavery in other colonies and how they were treated. At this time in history slavery wasn’t the name used, the Africans were servants to American colonies. Virginia is the oldest English colony, in 1619 brought over the first slaves about twenty of them
In 1705, “the house of burgesses passed its first comprehensive slave code”. (YAP, III) this gave slave owners the right to kill a slave or any slave who has hit a white person. This was there way of keeping slaves under control. They would whip them until they were incautious and let the rest of them watch. Laws before this stated any children of enslaved women be born slaves, conversion to Christianity would not lead to freedom, and owners could not free their slaves unless they transported them out of the colony”. (YAP, III)
The slaves in Virginia mainly was there because of the farmers and people who guaranteed the remains of estates over the years. People die left and right and the estates are passed down through the eldest male heir. This was their idea of keeping wealth in the property and needed people to attend to it daily. The number of slaves grew rapidly in late 1750 where there were about 100,000 African slaves just in Virginia. Slaves at this time worked from sun up to sun down and watched by a white overseer that could inflict pain among them to make them work. Because of that law slaves all...

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...his started the underground market that slaves used to trade food back and forth. It was hard to hide it from the slave overs and made this job very hard and risky. Slaves even traded their crops to learn. When new slave arrived they would teach them and on and on to the next plantation. They were able to learn different languages like Geechee and Gullah. They even passed on African basket weaving mixed in with a little Native American weaving too.
The first slaves came over in the year of 1619 in Virginia, about 20 slaves came first. There were known as servants before getting the name slaves. Although they were call servants, they were nothing like the white servants brought from Europe at all. “They were viewed different, they were treated different, and in fact were slaves” (Zinn,23). There has never been a day where African slaves and Europe slaves were equal.

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