Questions On Technology And Non Computers Essay

Questions On Technology And Non Computers Essay

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Sparrow, Liu, and Wegner were interested in determining if transactive memory becomes the first source when one have access to online sources and databases, like Google. Also, if one is primed by the internet to gather information which then becomes an outside memory system. The researchers also wanted to know if participants remember more about where they found the information than information alone. In the first experiment, participants had to answer hard or easy questions with a yes or no, which was followed by a Stroop task to measure response time to terminology related to computers and non-computers. The results showed that when participants encounter hard questions, they had slow reaction time for computer terms than non-computer terms. When the participants had easy questions, there was an interference which was caused by computer words.
In the second experiment, the researchers wanted to know how well the participants would remember information that they would be able to retrieve later. Participants read 40 trivia typed statements and typed them into the computer so the researchers would know that they were pay attention. Half of the participants were told that the computer would save the information, while the other half were told that the computer would not save the information, in addition, half the participants from each group were told to remember the information. The results showed that participants remember more statements when they believed that the computer would erase it than when they were told that the computer would save the statements. There was no significant differences between groups when told to remember to the statements.
In the third experiment, the researchers wanted to test the participant 's’ me...

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...a 10 minutes recall test in which they wrote down as much statements they could remember. Next, they had to identify which folder the statement was saved in when given a clue about the statement. The results for this experiment is that participants remember more about the location of the statements than the statements alone. Also, the accuracy for remembering both the folder and location was very low. Based on the data from all four experiments which suggests that people often turn towards the computer for answer of questions they do not know, and when they know that they can the answers online they are less likely to remember the exact information. One limitation to this study is that the researchers how many participants were in their sample, and any information about the participants such as age, gender, and race/ethnicity, thus external validity is low.

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