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    paper or electronically? This is traditionally used paper (hard copy) to maintain production/manufacturing batch record (MBR), where all activities are documented according GMP and regulatory requirements and/for compliance. Electronic batch record (EBR) is its prototype that is maintained by software system which came with changes of 21CFR Part 11 in 1997 when FDA began to accept electronic batch record systems. Let’s take a look on how different two systems are: It’s obvious that paper-based process

  • Use of Batch Reactors

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    Figure 1: Simple batch homogenous reactor. [Fogler, H. S. (2010, November 22). Essentials of Chemical Reaction Engineering: Mole Balances. Retrieved April 24, 2014, from Pearson Education:] Characteristics • Batch reactor normally deals with chemicals or biological reaction. • Two holes in the top of the tank, to charge the reactant and to transfer out the reactant. • Typical batch reactor equipped with agitator as stirring


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    consumers satisfied. The savoury of our product will make the consumer intrigued and be delighted. The business’ location will be at Brgy. 31-D Roxas Boulevard, Davao City. Brief Description of the Company Batch Partnership came from the “batch mate”, because the person created the partnership are batch mates. These partners are Eduardo B. Labor Jr., Farah May A. Seran, Junie A. Esteban and Fe B. Baldomero. Objective 1. To help decrease the unemployed problems of the country. 2. To expand to the five

  • batch process of wine making

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    Conclusion Hopefully after reading this paper, the reader has obtained more insight in creating a homemade wine that everyone can enjoy. The process may seem lengthy, but time is normally essential in the completion of many things. And if your first batch does not come out correct, do not get discouraged. Try again until things get better. Before you know it, you will be able to consider yourself a wine connoisseur.

  • Engineering the Perfect Batch of Chocolate Chip Cookies

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    process, little balls of wet dough are transformed into a crispy, brown and delicious treat. Baking the perfect batch of cookies is not easy. Morphing cookies from dough to deliciousness is a difficult process that takes a lot of time and preparation. Don’t be embarrassed if you have ever baked a terrible batch of cookies that wasn’t quite what you were expecting. Making a perfect batch is a task that takes some practice; your cookies could have turned out too flat, too burnt, or maybe too thick.

  • Average Spring Constant and Uncertainty of the Batch

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    Average Spring Constant and Uncertainty of the Batch Outline plan ============ I have been given 3 springs to which I will add different weight. Using the value of extension (Δx) I will calculate the spring constant. Hooke's Law says that the stretch of a spring from its rest position is linearly proportional to the applied force (stress is proportional to strain). Symbolically, F = kΔx Where F stands for the applied force, x is the amount of stretch

  • Case Study Of Tire Penz Batch

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    The redeveloped Tire Penz paint formula has the same hold and vibrancy you have come to know. Hence, you can expect the same great paint but less time spent painting. A new product has also been added to our kits: REFLECT. This is a lightweight, bright powder that can be applied to the lettering on the sidewall of your tires. When light hits the mixture of Tire Penz paint and REFLECT, you get a FLASH effect like the yellow/white paint on the road. The great thing about REFLECT is that it not only

  • Investigating the Factors that Must Be Considered by a Firm Before Changing From a Batch to a Flow Method of Production

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    Investigating the Factors that Must Be Considered by a Firm Before Changing From a Batch to a Flow Method of Production There are three different types of production methods; job, batch and flow production. If a firm is considering changing its batch to a flow method, it must keep various factors in mind before doing this. The change from batch to flow requires investing in new capital so the financial, marketing, HR and operations department all play an important role in

  • Process Costing Case Study

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    another portion (the watch bands). When combined, this is operational costing. Batch costing: Batch Costing which may be refer to operating costing which is used when firm having characteristic of job costing and process costing. In this system, firm produce identical unit of product and ascertain the cost per unit using total cost of producing each batch divided by the number of units produced in that specific batch. As an illustration, the production of clothing, furniture involves production in

  • Production Processes at Kristen's Cookie Company

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    startup and finishing time), we see that, once the production is underway, each batch will add another ten minutes to production time. However, we see that from the moment the first batch goes into the oven (eight minutes after beginning operations), if we use the oven at maximum capacity without pause, and allow for the eight minutes required for cooling, packaging, and completing the transaction after taking the last batch out, we can produce x dozen cookies in y minutes where y=8+10(x)+8 . If we