Questions On Sustainability And Sustainability Essay

Questions On Sustainability And Sustainability Essay

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Prior understanding about sustainability
My initial understanding of the Sustainability was all only about saving the environment by adopting environment friendly “green” measures. My concepts of Sustainability measures limited to the companies spending in recycling and innovation in technology, which helps to do more with fewer natural resources, consumer behaviour and the legislations’ measures by framing the rules such as carbon tax to reduce the companies’ carbon foot print and from damaging the environment. I believed that the Sustainable activities are the costs that businesses cannot afford. This opinion has further strengthened when many of my colleagues have not invested in Corporate Social Responsibility even in a business simulation activity.
Prior to this course, I have vague understanding of the connection between the climate change and sustainable development, partly because I was confused, as the sceptics of the man-made climate change never stopped to debate and partly because of my school learning that water vapour a high proportion greenhouse gas and the earth’s engine the Sun have key role in the climate change.
After the course
Now, I understand that for the long term survival of a business, the companies should consider people and environment in addition to financial equity when making business decisions. It is to their favour that the companies make positive impact on all people who work with them by providing healthy and safe place to work, by not employing child labour and by providing better compensation. Now I understand that the companies will succeed financially only if their products are safe and healthy for the people and the planet. The businesses should invest in reducing their environment foot pr...

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...ited to exclusive groups. Ignoring some of the stakeholders may impact the businesses as they lag behind the ones who pursue sustainability efforts.
Don’t overwhelm the change: The sheer complexity of the sustainability change and solutions for the issues may hinder people to actual contribute to the change. Start with the smaller changes then move on to the larger changes.
Don’t be superficial: Organizations that pursue sustainability just for the sake of doing it may find it hard to set clear measureable goals, they may even lack the transparency in their sustainability reports. They lack the correlate the company’s financial success to their Corporate Social Responsibility efforts. I would focus on building the commitment through constant communication of the need for CSR, employee’s engagement and reinforcing the practices that fulfil sustainability commitments.

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