Argumentative Essay: Is Climate Change Real?

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825 words

Climate Change In recent years, climate change has been a controversial topic. Many people, including country leaders argue that the change is real and irreversible, while others claim it is a tactic to envoke fear among people. Climate change is defined as, “a change in the typical or average weather of a region or city” (nasa). Their is remarkable evidence for both sides of the debate which raises the arguable question, is climate change real? In this essay, I will explain both arguments of the topic about the controversy that surrounds climate change. For argumentative paper you must also develop your own position and defend your point of view on this topic. In your intro please provide a clear thesis statement. Scientist began noticing …show more content…

Many people dedicate their lives to spread the message about climate change being real. Even though some change in the climate is natural, many events that have happened cannot be explained away by nature. Climate change is causing damage to the world that is completely irreversible. Nasa says, “Most scientists say it 's very likely that most of the warming since the mid-1900s is due to the burning of coal, oil and gas. Burning these fuels is how we produce most of the energy that we use every day” (nasa). The energy that we use daily makes our life easier, but it hurts the earth. Why does the government still allow us to use these things? Science has shown us that sea levels are rising in many parts of the world. Warm weather is causing glaciers to melt which results in the sea level rising. Earth 's average temperature has been rising for the last century in a half; and there has also been a steady rise in ocean temperature since 1969. It is said that climate control is man made and it is dangerous. On the other side of the argument, many people do not believe that climate change is real. They argue that their has not been a big temperature change in almost two decades. They also bring up the point of there not being enough data in the climate history to draw the conclusion of what is happening in the climate now is abnormal. Scientist started to record climate change around the 1800’s which many people believe is not enough data to do a comparison. Another reason some believe that climate change is not real is because of some instances where a scientist predicts a date of a significant climate change never happens. Rinkesh writes, “ For example:- Al Gore predicted that all Arctic ice would be gone by 2013. But, on contrary Arctic ice is up by 50% since 2012” (conserve-energy-future). Many people find that these reasons are why climate change is not

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that climate change has been a controversial topic in recent years. many people, including country leaders, argue that the change is real and irreversible.
  • Explains that scientists began noticing the earth being harmed around 1970 and over the next decade they began to use the term climate change or global warming to describe what was going on.
  • Explains that global warming began in the early days of industrialization, with an accompanying increase in carbon dioxide. the issue is getting worse day by day and not being efficiently prevented.
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