Essay on Questions On Life And Dreams

Essay on Questions On Life And Dreams

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According to Dr. Terri Kennedy (2013), there are seven ways to renew your life.
1. Pause — Take a moment to reflect on your decisions, this can help you to discover new methods to the same old responsibilities.

2. Change your mind - When a negative path is notice, substitute it with a positive one.

3. See a new reality – Every individual design their path in life and dreams are the blueprints. With the use of the imagination and the power of visualization we expand the potential and then take action.

5. Charge your energy - Releasing our physical energy can help us to go in the right state of mind for change.

4. Release dead weight - As we throw out physical things, we may also need to let go of some individuals in our existing circle. Even though we run our life there people at there that the only thing they want to do is ruin it.

6. Shift your surroundings – Change the existing environment, travel can be a good decision to take to change the atmosphere around us.

7. Dive into unfamiliar experiences - A completely new involvement will give us a different viewpoint, help us make new acquaintances and allow the brain to make new associations. Every instant is a chance to create the life we want. Whether we are modifying our thoughts or changing our surroundings, the control is in our hands

What are my values?
Although, there are around sixty values that a person can have I consider the following the most important to me:
1. Equality – equal opportunity for everyone.
2. Inner Harmony – at peace with myself
3. Freedom – free of do what I want, and think what I want
4. A spiritual life – put emphasis on spiritual not material matters
5. Meaning in life – having a purpose in life
6. Self-respect – belief that I am worthy
7. ...

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...s such as accidents, homicides and suicides can change the course of life dramatically. It is up to us to prevent or minimize some of the future events that may happen by visualizing a better future.

Internal Obstacles?
The main internal obstacle that I can see is my health, which include acute conditions and chronic conditions. Acute conditions such as, cold, flu, infections, and intestinal upsets can go from being an acute to a chronic conditions. The chronic conditions which are heart disease, arthritis and high blood pressure are more common in older adults (Bjorklund, 2015). These factor can change the perspective of someone life.

My plan and Life Launch
The main thing to have a complete plan before is launch is to have a commitment to focus on the most important work. Momentum is everything, having a focus for that creative energy can be an enormous benefit.

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