Learning And Evolving From Life's Experience In The Iron Road By Al Purdy

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Learning and Evolving from Life’s Experiences
Individuals are prone to fear regardless of whether it relates to something as minute as choosing between clothes, or it can be something life altering, such as making a bold decision to leave home in search of a better life. In the memoir, “The Iron Road”, Al Purdy describes his fear as it relates to his future in his younger days. Al Purdy describes his life when he was just a seventeen year old boy wanting to leave home in search of a Job. He was quick in his decision to leave his parents, rather judicially so in terms of his confidence to climb aboard a train without the consent of his parents. The reader can feel sympathetic for a teen who is unaware of the potential hardships of life, when
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The balance between fear and foresight is a necessary component for an individual to maintain a healthy lifestyle, an imbalance of these components can potentially put people in difficult situations as it relates to their survival. Fear can be a humbling experience when it is not balanced with foresight, the nuances of that particular experience instills a subconscious thought in an individual that resonates with fear, in terms of people realizing their mistakes and making the necessary adjustments in life.
An individual’s lack of outlook on their foresight has a direct effect on their fear level, as it relates to making difficult decisions in life. The author describes himself as “being a boy” for “scarcely a moment”, alluding to the confidence level he has in life, implying that he is fearful of the uncertain future. The
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I have always been a big fan of the game of Golf, I have always loved both watching and playing it. I always borrow my dad’s golf clubs whenever I go out on the course, on this particular occasion I had happened to accidentally break one of his clubs. I was afraid to my teeth as to what my dad was going to say, as these were his favourite clubs. I decided to hide this fact from my dad, until I could find a definitive solution to either replace or fix the club. I had a tough time sleeping at night, just thinking about the potential consequences I might have to face. In the morning I conjured up the strength to tell my father the truth and accept a potential penalty to my actions. To my surprise, my dad was more ecstatic than angry. He explained to me that he is proud that I was honest and truthful to him, he also commended me from battling my fear to muster up the courage to do the right thing. In this scenario, fear worked as a positive thing when thinking about potential outcomes in the future. I was successful in preserving my “dignity”, while being oppressed by my fear of continuing to hide the truth. One must strive to balance their respective fears with their foresight of the future, in order to truly be successful in their

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