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As I get settled into the first semester of my senior year in the BSW program, often I ask myself "Where am I now", as a person, student and an intern. As I embark on this journey to become a social worker I have grown tremendously from the start of this program until now. Originally, I had my mind set on become a nurse practitioner, often times life throws you a curve ball; due to my grade point average below my expectation I decided to explore other professional career and social work stole my heart. It was something about my introductory social work course that reassured that I was making the right decision choice, social work is recognized as helping profession and this is my primary goal to help others to better themselves and their current…show more content…
Self awareness is defined as a process in which a social worker continuously monitor they are thinking, feeling, and behaving in the workplace, and how these activities relate to their daily lives ( Walsh, 2009). As a person my self-awareness skills lack in some area, mainly because I had to learn that you have to monitor your line of thinking before speaking with someone. As a student, self awareness is very important because in class discuss about certain topics you have to remain open-minded because everyone are entitled to different opinions. You have to be able to respect someone’s opinion and agree to disagree so that anyone will not get offended about their way of thinking. As a intern, quickly I have learned especially while working with hospice clients to show empathy rather than sympathy, when my first client passed away during visitation I found myself to become distance away from the clients family which could have shown an indication that I was not interested in their love one passing away. This was not the case I simply did not feel comfort but I had to remind myself that I was in a professional setting; I had to do my best and give support to the family during this difficult

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