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Questions On Geographic Area Mapped Essay

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1) What geographic area was imaged by MODIS? List some of the features nearest to the image center (cities, rivers, lakes, or counties etc.)
Its located in the Great Lakes Region. The lakes included Cooper Lake, Docker Lake and Wells Lake. The cities included Huntsville, Dwight, Baysville, Dorset which is part of District of Muskoka located in Central Ontario, Canada.

2) What is the coordinate system and cartographic projection of the raw data you downloaded (.HDF files)? To answer this question you can either use web links for MODIS products you visited or by opening the “MOD13Q1….hdf” file you saved previously to the folder and examining its metadata. To open the MOD13Q1 you need to go to File -> Open As-> EOS -> MODIS and find the HDF file. It will open by automatically displaying the three reflectance bands, which are also part of this product. If you want to, you can change it to the familiar RGB = NIR RED BLUE false color composite.

MOD13Q1 and MCD12Q1 use projection “Sinusoidal”, and use Universal Transverse Mercator (WGS 1984 UTM 18N)coordinate system.

3) What is the temporal resolution of MODIS? Why this vegetation index product is called a 16-day maximum composite? In the file name ‘EVI12_129_hXXvXX_UTM_rec.img’ 129 represent the Julian day. What calendar dates/date this imagery was collected?

The temporal resolution of MODIS is 16 days because 16-day NBAR assembled over one year of observations. 129 in Julian day means the 129th day of Julian year, and this image was collected around May 9 or May 10 depending if it’s leap year or not.

4) What does the pixel reliability (QA) image represent? What values do you see in the QA image you displayed? How do they relate to any artefacts you may no...

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...ies can be explained in part by vegetational heterogeneity and (2) species richness of animals, like plants, can be explained partly by primary productivity”.
The result shows that “the coefficients of determination between species richness of birds and mean, maximum and standard deviation NDVI were all greater than 50%, with the quadratic form a marginally a better fit than the linear model.” However, this proportions have dramatic fluctuation in different places with different environmental index. Generally, these three NDVI measurements have different performance for different environment which means maximum, standard deviation and mean of NDVI have their own optimum range. For instance, “Species richness of butterflies was most strongly associated with mean and maximum NDVI at the smaller grain, while maximum NDVI was the best correlate at the larger grain”.

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