Qualities of a Good Leader Essay

Qualities of a Good Leader Essay

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Qualities of a Good Leader

Monkey see monkey do; that is how people in a community follow their leader. They may not follow him or her action for action but in essence they do. If the leader is selfish and greedy then the people will grow selfish and greedy. If a leader is humble and has a mind and heart to serve the people instead of being served, the nature of the people will become more cordial. A leader is tasked with the governing and care of those under him/her, dictionary.com says a leader is " a guiding or directing head". A leader should lead by example; serving willingly, taking responsibility, and staying humble because the people under them will start to adopt and behave like their leader.
A good leader is humble, willing to serve; one of the people, selfless, firm, wise, on and on the list goes. There is an abundance of attributes and characteristics of a good leader but we cannot have them all. No matter how how hard we try, we cannot be a perfect leader. The only being capable of being the perfect leader is God. He fulfills all the qualifications of a leader; He is the example that we should strive to be like, especially the people who are in charge of others. One leader in particular, King Arthur, is a great example of a leader that did very well for being a man. There were times where his judgment and actions were questioned but he succeeded nonetheless. Now, success is not what defines a good or bad leader; it is merely the fruit of their labor.
In the story of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Arthur's decision to send Gawain (who was the "runt of the litter") to go and fulfill the challenge of the Green Knight stirred up some questions. The challenge put the reputation of Arthur and the court on the line; ...

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...mple; by their small actions towards the least of us and the big actions that influence the course of many.

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