What Makes a Leader?

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To me, leadership is more than a title. It is more than just being in charge. Leadership is honestly, learning, listening, and most importantly application. Leadership means going the extra mile or two, doing the right thing no matter who’s looking, staying encouraged and encouraging other even when times are hard and you have every reason to quit. Leadership doesn’t mean you’re rich, well known, liked, or respected but it does mean you are a passionate, caring, and authentic. Leadership means you care about something so much you are willing to risk everything you have for this belief or idea. Leadership is doing whatever you can in your power to make things better for those around you.

Although, that is the definition of leadership is important, the characteristics that make a person a leader are just as important. A leader must be inspiring, they must be able to invite and welcome others. They need to make those around feel like they can get things do and that they know the right way to get these things done. This personality trait is one of the most important for leaders to have. As a leader you should be charming and convincing, someone who others are willing to follow, you can lead if you have no one following you. No matter what cause your leading you must be able to other to not only follow but believe in you and your cause. Inspire then so that they see the same goal/dream as you. You can invite other in by being genuine, original, new, or having the ability to put a fresh spin on old issues. No one wants to hear the same old solution for every problem. People are willing to try new and daring thing if they have the right leadership, this is why inspire so vital to good leadership.

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... around them, their peers, friends, families, communities, and world, putting it simply they lead because of compassion. If convictions are the lungs compassion is the heart.

After listing the characteristics and mean of leadership it is time to see how I measure up as a leader. I would like to think I’m a good leader I know that I am not perfect but I also know that I don’t genuinely care about those around me and I have a strong conviction to leave this world a better place than it was when I came here. I prefer to leader by example instead of words. I like to inspire, encourage and enlighten those around. I would like to think my leadership style is also subtle were people follow by choice and not force, leadership see whether then hear. I don’t really care about the personal gain that I receive from my action that’s not the reason why I do the things I do
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