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    there is one who stands out above all the rest. King Arthur, a legendary character, has permeated literature and culture for centuries ever since his conception for his bravery, leadership, and possible existence. Arthur and his legend revolves around his adventures as King of Britain. He became king when he pulled the magical sword Excalibur out of a stone. He has his wife Guinevere, the wizard Merlin, and his trusted knights aid him in his journeys. Arthur usually has to fight Mordred, and many other

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    King Arthur Character Analysis The character of King Arthur is unique in literature. Most characters are known through their actions and words as described by the author of a story. Arthur, however, is a conglomerate of characters described by many different authors over a fifteen hundred year span. There is no single depiction of him, and one cannot trace his origin to a single author for the "definitive" description. As such, the character of Arthur is different depending on the era, culture

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    King Arthur The Arthurian legends are well known in today's society. However, very few people know of the "real" Arthur -- who he was and what his accomplishments were. This paper will establish a difference between legend and truth, show evidence to support and explain who the real Arthur was, and shed some light on the sometimes confusing Arthurian legends. To establish any sort of idea that there was, in fact, a "real" Arthur, it is imperative to look over the legendary Arthur and his

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    psychotic men such as King Lot that waged wars for pure sport. Since they had enough money to do so, they would buy expensive armor and weaponry and would kill for game. In his old age, just before succumbing to death, Arthur ponders deeply about the causes of war. It takes him his entire lifetime to figure out the answer to stop the madness. And just when he figures this out, it is way too late to take action upon his conclusion. Although war is waged for many reasons on the surface, Arthur at long last

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    Coming of Arthur The Two Swords- Arthur pulls a sword from a stone and becomes king. Then he goes to the Lady of the Lake and she gives him the sword Excalibur and the magic scabbard. Balyn and Balan- Balyn gets a cursed sword and kills the Lady of the Lake. He goes after Garlon the invisible evil night and finds the Castel Carbonek. He stricks King Pelles with the Dolorous Stroke then fights his brother unknowingly and they kill each other. The First Quest of the Round Table- King Arthur

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    King Arthur If the name of King Arthur is mentioned, I suppose what comes to mind is not so much one person as a whole array of characters and themes, a montage so to speak. Of course we do think first of the King, the magnificent monarch of a glorified or idealized medieval realm. But we think also of his Queen, of the fair and wayward Guinevere, we think of his enchanter, Merlin, who presided over his birth, who set him on the throne, who established him there in the early and traveled days

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    Tales Of King Arthur Since the romanticizing of the Arthurian legends by Geoffery of Monmouth, the historian, during the twelfth century, the legendary 'king of England' has been the source of inspiration for kings, poets, artists and dreamers alike. The most famous work is probably Sir Thomas Malory's Le Morte d'Arthur, completed around 1470, and published in many abridged and complete versions. Malory's work contains in one the legend that had been continually added to over the years by

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    The stories and legends surrounding the character of King Arthur are among the best known of all stories about kings and knights. The stories and legends surrounding the character of King Arthur are among the best known of all stories about kings and knights. He is the greatest of British literary heroes, although little is known about the real person. Folklore and literature provide examples of a recurrent myth about a leader or hero who has not really died, but is asleep somewhere or in

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    Arthur’s Birth After Arthur’s father, King Uther, had avenged his brother’s, Aurelius Ambrosius’, assassination, he had a victory party in London. Gorlois, the Duke of Cornwall, joined the celebration and brought his wife Igraine, whom Uther instantly fell in love with. Uther, in lust, threatened to wage war against Gorlois for his wife. Gorlois returned to Cornwall to raise defense, leaving his wife in the castle Tintagel, for the defense was strong. Uther then killed him. In legends, it is

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    Many have heard about King Arthur and the legendary castle of Camelot. However, many do not know what really happened. From falling in love with Guinevere to fighting Mordred, this charming tale still intrigues people all over the world today. The story starts with Igraine, Arthur’s future mother accidentally taking Uther, her secret admirer, as Gorlois, her current husband. Igraine conceived as a result and became pregnant with Arthur under Uther. Not long after, Gorlois was slayed and Uther decided