Qantas: Meeting the Needs of Customers Internationally Essay

Qantas: Meeting the Needs of Customers Internationally Essay

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Sociocultural factors embody the various culture aspects in which a business functions. It is of great significance that a firm has the ability to appeal to the culture that they are working within as it reflects their customer knowledge, determining their performance (David & Fahey 2000, pg. 113). One central issue in regards to sociocultural factors playing an important role in a business’ marketing mix is firm’s ability to adapt marketing strategies in regards to demographics. The universal aging population is a clear indicator of marketing strategies for airlines companies to evolve so that it caters to the needs of the population as a whole. In addition, with Qantas operating as a global company and multiculturalism as a universal force, it is crucial to cultivate innovative marketing plans to accommodate the diverse preferences and needs of other cultures (Teo 1994). As cultures differ in their forms of attitudes and behaviours, consumers coming from these diverse cultures, backgrounds and countries are susceptible to dissimilar intensities of service anticipations (Donthu & Yoo 1998).

Thus, to satisfy sociocultural concerns, Qantas can revise and amend parts of their product services to provide to the broader spectrum, meeting the needs of consumers internationally in a growing globalised society. These adjustments are endorsed in their ‘Diversity Statement’ online where Qantas (2014) states that their inflight merchandises can be changed to “meet the needs of its customers” in a number of ways, such as requesting meals for special dietary requirements and foreign entertainment programs. However, Qantas needs to adjust its promotional policies in order to adhere to the aging population and maximise market share as present...

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... amid nations (Gerber 2002, p. 29). Although there has been a major decrease of barriers to trade liberalisation concerning flight amenities in the last century, there are imperative uncontrollable external factors a business must assess and weigh before entering international borders and becoming a prosperous globally identified firm (Ramamurti & Sarathy 1997). Qantas, a highly esteemed patriotic and iconic Australian brand has demonstrated accomplishment intercontinentally. The ultimate success of their business, in order to sustain competitiveness in their global market, will rely heavily on their continuous assessment of combined political and legal reforms, economic dynamics, sociocultural influences, technological modifications and environmental concerns and their interlocking marketing strategies to gain the most beneficial opportunities that come their way.

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