The Pursuit Of An Authentic Life Essay example

The Pursuit Of An Authentic Life Essay example

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In the Pursuit of an Authentic Life
In many aspects of life, people look for some kind of meaning to have a purpose to live. Some people take their life journeys seriously, but others may take a turn in the opposite direction. A person such as Ivan Illyich lives a mediocre life, that does not give true happiness. However, Chris McCandless, an adventurous person that had the pleasure of traveling around the western territories of North America. Living a full and happy life means a lot to people, or people enjoy living a cookie-cutter life that is premade for them. For Ivan Illyich, a life of appeasing his wife with objects and working to give more to his family. Unfortunately, Ivan tried to do his best to get more money in a higher up position, but his was was never satisfied and thankful for what Ivan was able to provide for his family. Authenticity is found when one understands that his or her own life is guided by oneself because without any knowledge or comprehension one would believe that everything will be fine.
Authentic lives are not always lived out in the world, and those lives settle with the situations that have been given out. Ivan Illyich lived a life of judgment at home and at work, but did not stray off once displeased with his life. There were many instances in which his wife would blame Ivan for doing something that he had no control over, such as his kids dying at such a young age and not earning enough money. Ivan was deeply upset that two of his children had died at a young age, but did not understand why his wife would blame him for the death of the two children. Also, Ivan worked endless hours to get a promotion and to earn more money for his family. Nevertheless, Praskovya, his wife, was never happy with...

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... be out to experience those things, because without those times and activities people will not know what they are missing out to truly fin their missing piece to their life. Everyone has a different way to seek true happiness, however some will not try things because they are afraid of not sticking to the ordinary. After all, how come so many people are different all over the world, or why does everyone not have the same kind of house. Humans are born to be different in every way, so conformity is unacceptable, everyone has a purpose or calling in life. Everyone’s calling will not be the same, so why follow a predetermined life. Ivan did not live, he was just watching everyone pass by him, meanwhile he followed the world’s rules: have a job, get married, have kids, then die. There is so much more to life just as Chris talks about in Into the Wild, an authentic life.

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