Pursuing A Bachelor 's Degree Of Cell And Molecular Biology Essay examples

Pursuing A Bachelor 's Degree Of Cell And Molecular Biology Essay examples

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Out of the 19 years of my life, I have spent a majority of it in school- roughly 70 percent of it actually. Much of the time I spent in school, I enjoyed, however, like many of my colleagues who too have gone through countless years of schooling, I began to question the true benefits it guaranteed. Beginning in high school, I would often ask myself questions like “how does this apply to me?”, “when will I ever use this in real life?”, and various other questions one often hears the typical high school student ask. Even now, I question whether the decision I made to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Cell and Molecular Biology, followed by even more years of schooling in Medical school is the correct choice. What if all of these years of structured, and almost assembly line schooling is all for naught?
Now, I did not always think this way. There was a time in my life when I loved going to school, meeting new people, and learning new information. Similar to what you said in class, I too peaked in elementary school. Elementary school to me was a time for creativity, whether it was through painting or creating new games to play with my friends during recess. Each and every day was full of different experiences, and nothing was ever repeated. Then came Intermediate school. I never quite understood why children living in my area had to go to an Intermediate school. Why not keep both children from the elementary school and intermediate school together rather than separate them? It just did not make sense to me why after completing 2nd grade, children were moved from their friends to an entirely different school for 3rd to 6th grade students. Not only was this new school like an entirely different world to me, but even worse was that the tim...

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...complete confidence that this past year and a half I have spent in West Chester University has been the most eye-opening and interesting time in my life. Although I am sadly still playing the ‘game of school’, my life as a student has been made all the more positive due to the many new experiences I have had, the new friends I have made, and the ability to make my own decisions regarding my future. I no longer feel bogged down to the same everyday schedule I had during high school. I have much more free time to do with as I please, thus providing me with many more opportunities for new experiences. Best of all, I can finally feel myself coming back to life. I am no longer a phantom of my previous self. West Chester University has provided me with a positive outlook on life- both the present and the future- and I am excited to see what else college life has to offer.

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