Public Relations Is A Persuasive Communication Tool Essay

Public Relations Is A Persuasive Communication Tool Essay

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The purpose of this paper is to define and explain what are public relations. First, this paper will explain how did it come about and what was the need for it. Second, the paper will describe how the public relations’ duties are organized and structured; and the services it provides. Third, it will discuss the relationship between the media and public relations. Finally, it will discuss the issues concerning professionalism and social responsibility.

Public Relations
“Public relations is a persuasive communication tool that people can use to motivate other people and institutions to help them achieve their goals” (Vivian, 2010, p. 269). Edward Bern’s, a pioneer in public relations, didn 't like how people disregard what it really meant to be in public relations. People that worked as a receptionist or secretary often wrote down public relations in their résumés because to some people, only meant making people feel good. Of course, public relations is so much more. For leaders in business, government and other institutions, public relations is a management tool that establishes a beneficial relationship wth other institutions or groups (Vivian, 2010). For public relations to accomplish its goals, it is necessary to follow four steps:

Identifying Existing Relationships. There are many relationships in modern society. For example, a college has a relationship between students, faculty, staff, alumni, the community, among others. Each one of this is called a public. That’s where the public in public relations comes from (Vivian, 2010).

Evaluate the Relationships. Public relations practitioners research these relationships to determine how they are working. The evaluation of these relationships is ongoing. C...

... middle of paper ...

...s of products. After reviewing the history of public relations, I’ve realized how important the profession is. Being around since the 1980s makes it a relatively new career path. I found this fact very interesting but also I realized how important public relations is for companies and for consumers. I always go back to the Tylenol crisis. The way that situation was handled will always be legendary. The fact that the company made more sales after the cyanide lacing debacle, says it all. Lastly, I found the final component of the essay to be very relevant. There is an ethical way to handle situations and present yourself to your corporation as well as your consumers. I think this aspect of the profession is one of the most important. In conclusion, I believe the public relations profession is very important to the well-being and overall knowledge of the consumer world.

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