The Role Of Public Relations

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Aishan Ismayilova / BSIT 2019
Foundations in Learning Business/ Fall 2017

• What is Public Relations?
Public relations is an organizational tool that is used by individuals, companies and organizations with the aim of creating strong relationship with the general public and media. It is an essential part of marketing strategy of a company that helps company to create goodwill with consumers. Good PR builds good relationships with both stakeholders and customers. Public Relations is also concerned as an important part of company’s reputation-building strategy as it builds reputation for the organization or company and protects this reputation from being destroyed or damaged within the business.

• What is the role of Public Relations in
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One of the main role of PR is that it deals with those undesirable conditions within business. Public Relations have a strong potential to make community be well-aware of a new or “dead” organization and to change the way the society thinks about the certain organization. As a result of correctly chosen Public Relations activities, the reputation of the company enhances and organization gains positive public image. Consequently, the profits and sales of the organization increases. The issue is that customers or shoppers tend to buy the products of organizations which have a positive public image and are in the interest of public. Furthermore, PR also takes a role in building organization’s image through the proper use of social media. Social media platforms are so vital to promote the company events and achievements to gain new customers/ investors or to keep in touch with existing customers, because company becomes more profitable through the…show more content…
No matter how good an organization is doing or how successful its products and services are; if people are not aware of all these things they are not going to be used at all. Public relations reach its recognizing brand name aim by the help of some commercial ads or billboards. Prior to this, identifying target audience is so essential for reaching this aim. For instance, PR campaign that aims to promote school-supplies producing organization, places these billboards next or near to any school in order to make organization to be known at least by school students and teachers. Moreover, while intending to enhance awareness, Public Relations follow some basic instructions such as being precise and using clear words to customers for being easily understandable. It includes using correct words and phrases on the billboards or in ads. Another aim of PR is to create trust for the company. Public trust has a considerable role in business. The organization with a lack of trust might lose out on business opportunities and even not be aware of its reason. A company with public trust have loyal customers, too, which means even in worst times, there is a chance for the company to “fight back” and recover its image thanks to these loyal customers. Additionally, raising demand on products/services of organization is another objective of PR. Writing
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