Psychology : The Human Mind And Behavior Essays

Psychology : The Human Mind And Behavior Essays

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Psychology isn 't a science
We associate psychology to be a science, but in reality it does not meet the five basic
requirements. It is a field of study that is not even based on standard scientific practices, instead
it has invalid ways of studying and treating mental disorders.Because it still being so closely
related to philosophy, psychology can not be declared a coherent scientific field.
Psychology is the “scientific” study of the human mind and behavior. This field of study
grasps all aspects of the human experience — from the functions of the brain, to the actions of
nations. While science creates a reasonable explanation to describe reality, not based on feelings
or opinions, but on evidence. (Lutus 1) When there is a move from describing human behavior
to explaining it , theres a move from science to opinion. “[Even so that some psychologist ]
publish findings that support rather than contradict hypotheses. Psychologists are more interested
in supporting their own beliefs about human experience than finding truth about that experience
(e.g. Stanley Milgram). (Kraus)
Determining a conclusion based on a prediction about human behavior is an inaccurate
science. Human behavior has never been reliable due to constant evolution. Human beings adapt
to there surrounding, and what psychologist perceive as being mentally ill, is human beings sane
response to a crazy world. However, due to its whole study being based on human behavior, it is
Anzardo !2
fair to say that it is belief-based. Being that psychology has never been based in science and
lacks reasons and evidence, it is safe to concur that psychology has no scientific validity. (Lutus
The world is constantly evolving and humans adapt to their surroundings, changing the

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...ontribute to this like its lack of clear terminology,
and primarily its subject field. Being that its subject field is so unpredictable and can not be in a
controlled experiment which makes it following the scientific method a dilemma, it is inaccurate
to say that psychology is a science. And since its familiarities with philosophy are so alike, its
technically a belief-based field, due to most its research and time goes into what the psychologist
beliefs are. And with that there has been some inaccuracies, as mentioned above. In order for
psychology to be even considered a science, it will have to reevaluate some of its requirements
changing its whole system, to collaborate with the scientific method and thus following the basic
requirements of what a field takes to be considered science. It will also need to consider how to
study human behaviors without changing it.

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