Psychology Is Not A True Science Essay

Psychology Is Not A True Science Essay

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There was once a time when a believed that psychology was not a true science. I thought this because the only thing I knew that was covered in psychology was unconscious and subconscious thoughts. I did not think that there was any accurate way to study a person’s thoughts: only the person thinking can understand their unconscious and subconscious thoughts. It was ludicrous to me that there was an entire field studying something that I thought was bogus. Now that I have nearly completed this psychology course, I have realized that before I had been small minded and the science of psychology is so much more than just thoughts and ideas. It studies stress, sensation, perception, and a variety of other topics. It was not the spurious subject I once believed it to be. Psychology was an extremely eye opening and enhancing to who I am as a person. Through learning about personality, memory, and psychological disorders I learned that the body and mind work together in a complex way that makes it possible for us to identify ourselves and become who we are supposed to be.
Studying personality is enormous task that is covered greatly within this course, and it taught me a lot about myself. Before, I would have defined personality as qualities a person has that makes them who they are. The actual definition is “the patterns of feelings, motives, and behavior that set people apart from one another (Rathus, 2010, p. 393). Personality doesn’t only mean, who you are, it means how you are different from everyone else. Gordon Allport named and categorized 18,000 traits that a human could have (Rathus, 2010, p.393). It would have been impossible to study all the traits he named, with that in mind, I turned to James Cattell. A psychologist who co...

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...s, and still be exactly who you are supposed to be. Memory is one of the most important things that makes up who a person is. Without memory, your personality would be negatively affected. You wouldn’t able to take a personality test because you would have no memories to help you decipher who you are. Without a personality you would have nothing. There would not even be a you. Personality disorders do affect who you are, but it is part of what makes up your personality. Everything that your brain does ties into together. Since the brain can focus on so many things at one time, the brain is arguably the most important organ in the body. Psychology was such an eye opening class that taught me so much. The class has taught me a lot about myself, how my mind works and precieves things, and lastly how I learn. I will carry what I have learned with me throughout my life.

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