John Watson's Theory: The Stages Of Behaviorism

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In 1913 a new movement in psychology appeared, Behaviorism. “Introduced by John Broadus Watson when he published the classic article Psychology as the behaviorist views it.” Consequently, Behaviorism (also called the behaviorist approach) was the primary paradigm in psychology between 1920 to 1950 and is based on a number of underlying ‘rules’: Psychology should be seen as a science; Behaviorism is primarily concerned with observable behavior, as opposed to internal events, like thinking and emotion; People have no free will – a person’s environment determines their behavior; Behavior is the result of stimulus resulting in a response; and All behavior is learned from the environment. How we process these stimuli and learn from our surrounds…show more content…
During this stage a stimulus which produces no response (i.e. neutral) is associated with the unconditioned stimulus at which point it now becomes known as the conditioned stimulus (CS). Often during this stage the US must be associated with the CS on a number of occasions, or trials, for learning to take place.
• Stage 3: After Conditioning. Now the conditioned stimulus (CS) has been associated with the unconditioned stimulus (US) to create a new conditioned response (CR).” (McLoed. 2008)
All these stages are simple, but extremely effective. Any advertisement that you hear on the radio or see on the TV is using classical conditioning to make you change your behavior and go and buy their product. Cola, pizzas, cars, and even toilet paper commercials are no exception. Advertisements are made with this psychological principal, using objects or certain types of people to generate an emotion to dig deep into your mind and your pocket book. Today we will take a walk through the history of advertising and look at how commercials for beauty products have evolved with the
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The commercial for Deep Magic Facial Cleanser starts out with a beautiful blond woman putting on makeup, this sets the mood for the commercial by implying beautiful people use this product. It then moves to a screen with a middle aged man briefly explaining the product and its benefits to the customer, the US is the face cleaner. To further the point that their face cleanser is better than any other, they show their face cleanser works, this is the UR. When a beautiful dark haired woman, is using Deep Magic Facial Cleanser to take off her make-up, this is the CS, showing that beautiful people use this product to stay beautiful. Finally, they add to the benefits along by telling about a new cost cutting deal of two bottles for a reduced price, resulting in the CR response, buy now this amazing product is on sale. The commercial ends with a clip of a full audience clapping
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