Essay on The Psychology And Sociology Courses

Essay on The Psychology And Sociology Courses

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Growing up, I learned to view the parts of my environment and to work with the parts that were out of my direct control but were modifiable. I accepted the fact that change and development comes at a modest rate but I was also unable to ignore the reality that populations in fact, lived in endured conditions that undermined healthy living and optimal functioning. To add value and instill change in my environment I started from where I could, I regularly volunteered for child program activities. This was the start of family and child development becoming solidified as my focal point of influence. When it came to the time to get into college, I undertook some psychology and sociology courses that gave me a valuable initiation into coursework on psychosocial development in society, understanding aggressiveness, defiant behaviors in adults and children, child development psychology, family education, and cultural diversity, which definitely stood out and turned out to be just the right fit for me. My undergraduate experience broadened my analytical understanding of the psychological process of children and families amongst African populations, and more clearly, I began to see myself obtaining the needed training to help improve the lives of families and children in developing countries. I have absolutely been influenced by gaining understanding on the “upstream” key to communication on addressing concerns and worries over the health and outcomes of children, leading adolescents and infants to regain the sense of control and linking peer groups and community groups to families. After four years of study, I could not be more convinced of the value of education had transformed me into becoming a lifelong learner. Educational psychology i...

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...lement programs to aid reproductive health of young adults, through this I have come to enjoy research, field application, and interpersonal interactions on disease awareness and health practices.
I am well aware of the high standards that the University of North Texas; Educational Psychology Department has consistently upheld in equipping its students with knowledge and skills needed to function as a progressive Educational Psychologist. This will challenge me to expand personally and professionally in preparing for a career that enables me to give back to developing countries like mine. Your program’s mission statement is strongly aligned with my short-and long-term ambitions and in the hope that I will meet all of the qualifications for getting trained at your institution, I look forward to treading a path that will be both exciting and positively demanding.

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