Essay on Psychological Effects And Its Effects On Society

Essay on Psychological Effects And Its Effects On Society

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Emotions are internally distributing by the frontal lobe; they can’t really be stopped. Out of the two-genders, females are the ones who care the most emotionally in society, but it is not healthy for men to bottle up their emotions. Over the cause of years man have picked up the idea from the media that they so not show their emotion just like how woman should act like a housewife in the 50’s to this day. Times have change we know more about psychological effects people cause themselves if they refuse to share their emotions. This is why men who fail to express their emotions need to seek professional help because, their physical health is at risk, destroying relationships with others, and become suicidal.

In our society, there is a social norm which means it 's a unspoken rule in social, that men should not express their emotions. It 's a sign of weakness and those who do not want to me teased and being called a woman for such a act. Obviously, men do not want to be objectified to be in less than a man so they will put on a brave face just to please others and not showing their emotions. Men well go to very far length just to prove they are a man even if it hurts them physically In the story “Razor Bumps.” By Rion Scott, after Buckwheat is done getting dreads in his wife’s salon and sees himself has more feminine after the appointment is his car. He thinks about L’ouverture and all the wrong he has done to his town. Buckwheat seeks out to fight L’ouverture to prove himself as a man but when he mistakes a different man as L’ouverture then he sees the man stepping out of his car to fight in Buckwheat’s challenge. Buckwheat still enters the fight even though he knows he is out match, just to prove he is a man. In the end he cri...

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...t they feel inside will likely not be able to express emotion will leave the person unable to connect to the rest of the world. This opinion may differ from some women but not all women want a man who is emotionally detach someone.Women look for someone who they can bond with no only physically, intellectually but also emotionally. If a woman is unable to connect with her man emotionally they will always be a wall between them and have a unhealthy relationship with each other.

Therefore, for men who are unable to express their feelings should seek professional help, it is not healthy to bottle stuff up inside one’s body but men do it especially and no one seems care much about how men are hurting themselves, not all self-harm has to do with open wound. Never ignore how your body reacts to something it’s okay its natural and seeking help does not mean you are weak.

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