The Psychological Aspect Of Ptsd And The Effects Of War On The Soldiers Essay

The Psychological Aspect Of Ptsd And The Effects Of War On The Soldiers Essay

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“Wounded Platoon” is a documentary that delves into the severe effects of tours and post-traumatic stress on young individuals in the U.S. Army. This documentary mainly focuses on the psychological aspect of PTSD and the effects of war on the soldiers. However, looking at it from a sociological approach, it’s clear to see the role of group dynamics, teams and leadership in the behaviors of soldiers prior to their discharge from the war front.
Group dynamics is defined as the various patterns of interaction between groups and individuals and the way a group is influenced to both achieve a great goal, or commit horrendous crimes. This documentary concentrated on the Third Platoon, First Battalion, 506th infantry, better known as the “Band of Brothers”. Even the name of the platoon itself, gives off a sense that this particular unit is a strongly cohesive group. Group cohesion is the sense of solidarity or loyalty that individuals feel toward a group to which they belong. For the soldiers, many of whom came from rough backgrounds, felt a sense of belonging once they joined the army. The...

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