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The Provider Of The Promise Delivers Essay

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The provider of the promise delivers as agreed. And the “customer” acknowledges

delivery. Craft promises carefully, and you enhance coordination and cooperation among

colleagues. Equally valuable, your company builds the agility required to seize new business

opportunities. Good promises share five qualities: They are public, active, voluntary, explicit,

and mission based (Sull, Spinosa).

As an effective leader, you know that you will only succeed, and the business objectives

will only be accomplished, if your team is successful. The leader, manager, and crew have to all

work together in order to keep this going effectively. Promises is what usually drives successful

execution (Sull, Spinosa). For an example I work at a company by the name of Bombardier

Recreational Products (BRP), we believe that each individual success is the result of teamwork.

Our main goal is to provide our employees with a work environment that encourages the full

expression of your personality, their talent, drive, and desire to excel. The customer request parts

to be sent to them. We have to compromise that as a company we will make sure the product is

shipped as requested. We have a sales team to help deliver our brand and make the promise that

we will do our best to ship quality parts and motors to them. This is where promise foster a

mutual sense of personal obligation to deliver the goods (Sull, Spinosa).

When individuals and companies don 't deliver on their brand promises, they fail to create

or maintain uniqueness in their brand categories. That translates to a lack of brand loyalty among

your customers. That means they 're just as likely to buy someone else 's widget over yours. In the

reverse scenario, when...

... middle of paper ...

...inding and

therefore more desirable than side deals hammered out in private. When employees make

promises out in the open in front of their peers and bosses, they can’t conveniently forget what

they said they would do, recall only a few conditions of a promise, or back out of an

uncomfortable commitment entirely (Sull, Spinosa). It seems that when a promise is made in

front of others or in writing many try to make good on the promise. According to Sull and

Spinosa a promise make in public should remain in public throughout the life of the


I enjoyed learning about the bottom up process which is unlikely to work unless it is also

embedded in a top down learning process (Sull, Spinosa). A top down process creates structure

and motivation for employees to maintain engagement in the change/leadership development

process (Sull, Spinosa).

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