Analysis Of Five Practices Of Exemplary Leadership

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1. There are numerous methods, characteristics, and motives for proper leadership. In my opinion, leadership is the overall process of unifying a team toward completing a common goal. Several key people in my life influenced this definition and how I lead.
2. CWO Patrick Higgins was the first significant leader to demonstrate what an excellent leader should be. Since learning the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership (Kouzes and Posner, Leadership Challenge),
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The LPI report I received was informative and has revealed some areas of improvement in my leadership. One area I recognize as an area of concern is in asking others for feedback on how my decisions have affected them, under the “Model the Way” section. There are several ways to improve this. I can and do receive feedback regularly, but either I am not taking the appropriate action or I am not hearing the feedback correctly. I need to be a better listener when I am asking questions. Another way to correct this would be to ask more direct questions to my peers, subordinates, and supervisors. I like to think I am teachable, but I will also reevaluate this trait and see how I can improve upon this. When I make mistakes and am corrected, do I own up to them and learn from them? This is an area I will keep an eye on and monitor. Proverbs 15:2 says, “A scoffer does not love one who corrects him, nor will he go to the wise.” I strive to be the wise and not the scoffer, so I must listen to…show more content…
Another area of improvement is not allowing people a great deal of freedom and choice in deciding how to do their work, which falls under the “Enable Others to Act” section of the model. One method of improving this section is by asking people more questions starting with phrases like, “how do you see…?” or “what do you think about…?” By seeking their input I can see where my influence is too great and not permitting them leeway to do the work. Additionally, I need to recognize when I am intervening in the process too much. Recently my two First Class Petty Officers and I had a discussion on how we can improve the way we are doing business. They confronted me on this specific topic and I have taken strides to improve. I will sit down with them again and check my progress and solicit feedback on how to improve the current processes
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