Provide Probationary And Continuing Contract Teachers Essay example

Provide Probationary And Continuing Contract Teachers Essay example

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Sentively provide probationary and continuing contract teachers of nonrenewal in a timely manner.
To avoid penalty, superintendent must provided written notification of nonrenewal to probationary teachers prior to May 15th (Maine Legislature, 2016d, p.1). School boards are reserved the right “to terminate a contract, after due notice of 90 days” in scenarios where the local conditions require the elimination of a position. (Maine Legislature, 2016d, p.1). It is important to note that teachers under continuing contract may request a private hearing to obtain reasons for their dismissal (Maine Legislature, 2016d, p.1). Employees should be awarded the right to maintain their professional dignity, therefore, you should never discuss nonrenewal with uninvolved parties.
Participate in the necessary evaluation process to substantiate the dismissal of a faculty member. Under Maine law a school board may dismiss a teacher “who proves unfit to teach or whose services the board deems unprofitable to the school” (Maine Legislature, 2016d, p.1). The teacher’s lack of effectiveness must be demonstrated in yearly school evaluations conducted by the administrative staff. In scenarios where a deficit is obvious, it is prudent for the administrator and teacher to work collaboratively to establish an action plan for improving performance. Should the teacher not fulfill their obligations set forth by the plan, it is lawful to for the school board to consider them for termination so long as they give “due notice of the hearing...and give to that teacher a certificate of dismissal and of the reasons for dismissal” (Maine Legislature, 2016d, p.1)
Advocate for teachers’ to demonstrate varying opinions while also maintaining a culture of professiona...

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... are mutually obligated to meet at reasonable times, to participate in good faith of the group, and outline all agreements in writing (Hudak, 2011b, p.1). The precedent set forth by the City of Biddeford Board of Education v. Biddeford Teacher Association established that negotiations include teacher attendance, non-teaching duties, and sick leave bank (Hudak, 2011a, p.1). In contrast, it has been considered unlawful to discuss scheduling of school vacations, length of work day, and class size (Hudak, 2011a, p.1). Teachers may not be subject to disciplinary action for their participation in these activities.
Best Administrative Practices Involving Liability
Become familiar with the school’s emergency/health procedures in order to improve teachers’ responses to student injury.
To avoid liability teachers must employ a standard of care with is equivalent to that of a

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