Underage Drinking And The Drinking Age

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Since this country was born it has been raised on alcohol, even the prohibition couldn 't stop the Americans from doing what they love to do. But back then they were lenient on the age to consume alcohol. But in 1980’s Ronald Reagan passed the Drinking Age Act which permanently raised the drinking age to twenty-one through out the nation. Which people asked themselves is this right? When at eighteen you 're legally allowed to be on a official jury, vote for the next president and fight for your country. So lowering the drinking age to 18 would make sense. Before the Drinking age was passed many states had a drinking age of 18 or 19. But the main ways the Minimum Legal Drinking Age (MLDA) got passed was from the Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Passing this act has saved quite of bit of underage accidents still today. Underage drinking has led to 2.7 million injures and 5000 deaths in the US. So with that being said the government needs to take in to consideration the risk of teens drinking and driving, in which they do with adults. In many articles the all said things around the government needs to make teen’s obey an zero tolerance to driving drunk and raise the consequence if they are caught doing so. Which seatbelt and DUI checkpoints have helped a lot to keep the numbers down of alcohol related incidents. If the drinking age is lowered would it stop more kids from binge drinking, partying and getting in to trouble? There are some many different views on to lowering the drinking age, would solve these problems. Some people think they will others don’t. Lowering the drinking age in some cases will help from an article by Katie Cary called Time to Lower the Drinking Age. She said “She rather see her kid in a well patrolled party... ... middle of paper ... and time to more heinous crime like sexual assault. More of the cops time would be looking for criminals instead of waiting outside a party waiting for a student to leave or waiting to go inside to bust it. Which they should be out patrolling make sure the whole campus is safe. Not just focussing their whole attention on one little party which nothing bad is happing. So in all the cases of underage drinking and everything else would it really be a bad idea to lower it? Seeing how many professional people think dropping the age would lower many numbers. Like Binge drinking among teens, drunk driving accidents, alcohol related injuries, kids getting into unnecessary trouble, lowering sexual assault on campus, helping kids who made a mistake achieve better things because what they were doing was legal, and keeping good kids out of trouble they shouldn 't be in.