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The show I decided was on the Proud Family. The cast was a diverse group of people. This went from racial, gender socioeconomics and etc from just re-watching two episodes. I only watched the first two episodes but I did watch another one a previous month or so. Which was on Muslims on the Proud family show, so they even had religion represented. The only think I did not see represented was a cultural group, which is the Native Americans.
The group I identify was with the most was almost every one of the characters in the show. But I think the most I identify was Penny. She always had responsibilities. Also, she is not perfect when it comes to knowing a culture or someone right away. She demonstrates by showing similar behaviors like her classmates by ignoring the people or by being mean but she tries to be open. Even though I would not automatically be mean but I would not be approaching right away because of my ignorance. I will realize this and try to change my behavior.
2) What stereotypes were present in the movie or sitcom you watched? Which groups had the highest and lowest social status? How could you tell? (1-2 paragraphs)
The show was design to show the highest degree of stereotypes of groups. Although, the Chinese people were a bit showed in a degrading way. They had their father owning a karate shop. He was harsh on his children over their grades. Sometimes when the characters showed up, “Chinese” music aired. The lowest social status was the gross sisters. They were depicted in a dirty way. They always were bullying people to gain money. There was a whole episode of them in the show. The episode showed an environment they were raised and why they are like . The person with the highest status was a character name...

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...his shows on this channels because of controversy they would cause for people. This shows me how society has moved in all different directions. Almost in u shape each group has their views yet they create some
The group that changed my view the most is American culture all over. I was shown these diverse shows when I was little and growing up in a diverse area. I was probably naïve and not aware but once I left the urban city I forget how I am a minority.
Another way it helped me influenced is being able to be okay with this differences. This show allowed me to be aware of things I would not have been. Though there can difficulties, the show tries their best with showing a lot of groups. This allowed me to handle different people in my class settings when I was younger. Even though I was a distant person yet I try to understand these different cultures I once never

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