Essay about Proof For the Existence of God

Essay about Proof For the Existence of God

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Proof For the Existence of God

From the diversity of men and creatures on this earth, there has always been one unifying link. At the root of humanity’s existence, lies the root of all things natural and infinite, a hint of something supreme and purposeful, something incomprehensible; a glimpse of what is real and what is possible. Inspired by wonder one can easily be surprised by the doubts presented as to the existence and identity of this driving force. The Law of Causality properly states, “Anything which begins to exist must have been brought into existence by something distinct from itself.” Therefore, only something outside of the world could have created the world. Logic and natural law can easily prove that this Being is an All-Powerful God through four different arguments: the Cosmological, Historical, Moral, and Teleological arguments. The strongest of these is the Teleological argument, which can stand alone as a pillar of defense against the attacks of doubt. This introduction is wonderfully written! You did an excellent job! The only thing missing is an explanation of how the four proofs are divided based on our knowledge of the world and our soul.]
The Cosmological Argument, by definition, argues the existence of God through the reasoning that everything must have a cause. If one creation after another is continuously caused by something else, eventually everything will be simplified into one idea or cause. So there must be a beginning cause, a primary something. From this one can learn several things about the cause, that It in itself is eternal and self-sufficient. It is completely illogical to believe that this ordered world was created accidentally. “Nothing comes from nothing” a song lyric from a popular ...

... middle of paper ... this, one can firmly believe that there is a God, who is the intelligence, designer, and creator of the universe.
However even with all of these different proofs, one cannot fully ever comprehend the majesty of God. For non-infinite beings cannot understand an infinite God. God’s existence can be proved through these four arguments, especially the Teleological Argument, but many attributes of God will never be understood by His creations. For in the end, faith and trust in God’s word alone can bring souls into complete accordance with the divine plan of the intelligent, existing, supernatural, and truly all-powerful God who made the insignificant, significant, and formed the wonderfully made world.

Fr. John Laux, M.A., Catholic Apologetics: God, Christianity, and the Church, Book IV, Rockford, Illinois, Tan Books and Publishers, INC., 1990.

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