Projective Testing for Analyzing Personality Essay

Projective Testing for Analyzing Personality Essay

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Projective tests are a measure for analyzing personality. They are established in the idea of Sigmund Freud’s theory of unconscious processes. Projective techniques were first sought out as a means for people to unconsciously project their personality on to obscure or vague stimuli, possibly revealing the patient’s internal conflicts and hidden emotions. Projective testing has been found to significantly differ from other objective psychological tests through the range of possible responses making them difficult to standardize and evaluate (Trull, 2005). Projective techniques are used in multiple tests. The most widely used tests according to Lubin, Larsen, and Matarrazzo (1984), who surveyed psychologists and psychiatrists in many different fields, are the Rorschach Inkblot Test, Thematic Apperception Test (TAT), Draw a Person Test, and Sentence Completion Methods. Although projective testing has always been popular, it has faced scientific evidence controversy, referred to as the “projective paradox” (Cordon, 2005), throughout history when reviewing the problems and benefits of this style of testing. Criticisms of projective tests include the heavy reliance on clinical judgement and raise questions regarding (a) the reliability of the test results; (b) the validity and method; (c) contextual influences; (d) range of the tests. Projective tests also provide benefits in their unique results, wide range of results, and potential usefulness. Examining the historical progression of projective testing over the past decade shows a continual movement towards understanding unconscious processes and formulating empirical methods for testing personality.
Francis Galton started the field of modern personality assessment ...

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