Essay about Profile Of A Highly Motivated Global Supply Chain Management

Essay about Profile Of A Highly Motivated Global Supply Chain Management

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A highly motivated Global Supply Chain Leader boasting a consistent and proven track record of accomplishments in multiple MNC and ASX listed companies. 17 years of Supply Chain Management and consulting experience spanning multiple industry sectors has provided a meticulous understanding of logistics, procurement (contracts management) and material management. Key to success is a commitment to drive continuous improvement and a thirst to lead innovation and best practice.
An outstanding communication talent at all levels with proven ability to build and lead high performing teams and convey complex concepts in understandable terms, which is aided by a charismatic, energetic and collaborative leadership style.
Coupled with diverse experience, is a comprehensive Supply Chain and Project Management education gained through a Bachelor’s Degree, an Advanced Diploma in Supply Chain Management and ongoing study to obtain Masters of Supply Chain Management.

Integrated Business Planning / S&OP
Materials Management
Integrated Logistics Support
Global Warehouse and Distribution
Contracts Administration & Management
Complex Procurement / Strategic Sourcing
Continuous Improvement Agent
Agile Leader of High Performing Team
Senior Specialist, Group Supply Chain - Operations – MMG Limited Nov 12 – Current
Group’s Subject Matter Expert, to lead and support the GM-Supply Chain to strategically standardise, optimise and sustain supply operations spanning 5 continents. Accountable to lead delivery of standardised processes and supporting systems to effectively manage working capital assets, integrated business planning, procurement strategies and storage & distribution networks. In addition faci...

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... Jan 98 – Nov 04
Platoon Commander/Senior Instructor – Royal Army Training Centre
Logistics and Operations Troop Commander - 162 Reconnaissance Squadron
Master of Supply Chain Management (ongoing)
Bachelor of Arts – Management & Politics
Advanced Diploma of Logistics – Supply Chain
Advanced Diploma Personnel Administration
Diploma Simple and Complex Procurement
Certified Prince 2 (Project Management)
Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt
• SDSS, SAP R/3 & APO, Ariba, JDA Networks, Pronto, Oniqua Inventory Optimiser, Autoterm, Mimcom / MMM, AIMS, Ellipse, Open Plan Profession (OPP)
• Advanced Microsoft Suite skills including: Visio, Access & Project
• The Faculty
• Supply Chain & Logistics Association of Australia (SCLAA)
POC: +61 427 467 015

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