Professional Training of Physical Therapists Essay

Professional Training of Physical Therapists Essay

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When someone thinks of a physical therapist the first thing to come to mind is someone who administers assistance and knowledge that helps patients rehabilitate and gain mobility back into their lives. Usually this form of care is for patients who have been in an accident or have some other disabling condition. The performance level of a human has a crucial role on what they can acheive in life. Physical therapists are provided with the oppprtunity to actually make a difference in the quality of people’s lives. This feild requires the ability to relate well to people, not only as a physician but also involving constant interaction with other health care providers. “ Social, politicaland economic factors need our attention to support clients and consumers to achieve optimal levels of independence according to the needs and desires. (Roush 1724.) When a therapist is significantly trained in their profession then unessecary test and medication is administered during the care process therefore lowering the cost of medical services, which is a big problem in today’s world.
The main probelm in health care today is the cost to receive nessecary medical services. When dealing with physical therapy, there are many reasons for the cost for care increases. One of which is explained in an article called,Physical Therapist Make Accurate and Appropriate Discharge Recommendations for Patients Who are Acutely Ill by Beth A. Smith, Christina J. Feilds and Natalia Fernandez. In their article they discover that when proper release papers weren’t given to patients then they were 2.9% more likely to be readmitted back to the hospital. “ Decreases in readmission rates, appropriate allocation of resources, and avoidance of unnecessary services can hel...

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... better understanding of their lives. Students should be taught how to listen to their clients opinion of their care. Another way that therapists in training should be educated is to be able to understand the impact that the disablity has on the person who is disabled.
As the states continue to battle against the efficency and quality of community health care, the ability for therapist to provide acurate recommendations become very important. If the discharge paper work and reccomendations are made aware of then I believe that less people would have to continusly be treated for the same medical conditions. It is left up to a physical therapist to provide the proper quidelines for their patient to follow upon being released. To assure that therapists are qualified to do so, then once again it should be something made clear of early in their professional training.

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