What Is Professionalism In Physical Therapy

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Googling the question: “ What is professionalism of a student in physical therapy program?, just in 0.81 seconds, there are about 723000 results suggestion for this. Unsurprisingly, with little effort of searching, it is not difficult to find the glut of resources out there. Moreover, these results could be somewhat (generic) answers in most of the applicants. In my point of view, the professionalism for a student in the doctor of physical therapist program also could be true for other programs, especially for health care specialty because physical therapy is one of the general practices. Therefore, (it doesn’t matter what kind of professionalism is that students consider the most important), but why and what impacted their perspective is valuable. …show more content…

Growing up in a developing country far from Southeast Asia, Vietnam, soon I discerned the difference between/among Asian and American culture, values and beliefs. Since I was young, I was always taught: “Silence is golden”, or “ A good cat does not need a collar of gold”. Our society values quiet and humble individuals who are not necessary to be extremely outgoing; yet their achievements are dominant. This is one of the main factors that sharpened my personality; no doubt that I am a quiet and introvert student. Nonetheless, living in the United State completely changed my perspective, particularly in the period of time when I have begun to be observer and volunteer in various physical therapy settings. I acknowledged that injury treatments and evaluation are processes that required team work. It means the connection and communication among the nurses, doctors and physical therapists are significant (in acquiring..) For instance, in the skilled nursing unit, in some cases, the physical therapist needs to communicate with the wound care nurses to update the patient’s healing and wound conditions before deciding/moving to their upcoming therapy methods. Therefore, as a student in PT program, I need to learn and demonstrate effective communication by interaction with classmates, professors, and faculties in clinical …show more content…

Throwing back a few years ago when I first decided to be an observer in a rehabilitation setting, I thought that physical therapy was nothing but magical which could change a disabled person who was unable to walk normally to a healthy walking person after a period of therapy. I used to believe that physical therapy can cure mostly all type of injuries and ailments. However, later on, I realized that it does not work that way. Remembering in a particular case, there is a patient who suffered the hemorrhagic stroke; she had to use the wheelchair all the time, her right hand is completely numb and she is not able to talk normally. After several months of arduous exercises with assisting of 2 physical therapists, she showed just a little of improvement in mobility and functioning. That patient could move in longer range compared to the first month, yet she was not able to bear weight without assistance. That case was significantly influenced my vision in this field. As a physical therapy student, the realistic expectation is critical. That student must be knowledgeable about what they can and can’t do and the limitation of this practice. Furthermore, another aspect of reality is understanding the own strength and weakness in a context of being a PT student. Being so overestimated about own abilities is a major

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  • Opines that the professionalism of a student in the doctor of physical therapy program could be true for other programs, especially for health care specialty.
  • Explains that professional physical therapists ameliorate their skills and experience from what they already experienced in the program and also from the challenges they face in career field.
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