The Professional Arena As A Social Worker Essay

The Professional Arena As A Social Worker Essay

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Being given the opportunity to intern with the staff at the Family Resource Center in the Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) has been a tremendous learning experience thus far. The opportunity has truly surpassed my expectation of what I imagined the journey of internship would be like and how it would help me to evolve into the professional arena as a social worker. I see myself transforming and viewing the community in which I live, the clients served, those deprived, and the tremendous job that we as social workers are tasked with to advocate for those in need from a more open-minded perspective. By enhancing and developing my personal and professional skills, such as active listening, observation, and professional comportment, I will be able to serve those in need of services and collaborate with my fellow colleagues and practitioners in another organization.
Most notably being here at the CAC one can understand and see first hand how crucial the need is in empowering, educate, and motivate people into action; not only to better themselves but to be of benefit to their communities and families as a whole. At times my personal and professional values seem to conflict with one another because of my culture and the environment from which I come from into the social work profession. For example, the stigma in the black community is in keep personal issues within the family and not to seek counsel. However, (FRC) promotes talking, action, and working through difficult situations; with trained professionals and educators to gather a perspective outside and in conjunction of one 's inner circle. With the hopes of encouraging clients to heal from past wombs, grow and evolve into the people they want to be and have the ability to exhi...

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...or the allegation of sexual or physical abuse, which at times lead to arrests, child removal, and prosecution; just to name a few. With this issue, the children were exposed to parents undressing in front of them and having sex in the same room that they shared; while the child was present. My personal values said that these kids should be removed from the home. But as professional it is my responsibility to analyze the entire situation and do what is best for the whole family, while doing what is in the best interest of the children. Therefore, if a family comes to CAC and is in need of parenting or educational skills. Which would allow the family to remain together the staff at FRC will not turn this family away, they provide classes, which are designed to meet the family 's needs and give the parents essential skills to hopeful maintain custody of their children.

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