Critical Reflection In Social Work

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Critical Reflection Assignment I chose Transformational Leadership in Social Work as my elective course, because I wanted to learn about ethical leadership and about the state of contemporary nonprofits specializing in human services. I also wanted to challenge myself. For example, when I volunteered to describe the steps required to register the non-profit agency with the IRS and the state of Texas, I struggled at first, but during the process of researching the topic, I was becoming more confident in my ability to successfully complete initially unfamiliar task. I believe that by leaving our comfort zone, and becoming open to learning something new, we also transform ourselves. As this semester ends, I can confidently state that in this…show more content…
233) to ensure that program and services are compatible with the organization’s mission. Social workers are well aware that ethics build the foundation of effective leadership practice which provides them with leadership skills applicable to creating human service organizations. Furthermore, social workers have clearly defined standards of conduct and responsibilities to clients, colleagues, in practice settings, as professionals, to the profession, and to the broader society (NASW, 2008). However, contemporary human service agencies face many challenges. For example, not all organizations support appreciation of diversity and justice when it comes to availability and accessibility of services, management practices, and institutional policies. Sometimes, the levels of transparency and accountability are compromised, especially when the founding runs out and the agency struggles with sustaining itself. In the context of ethical leadership, I found conducting ethic audit in social service agency especially interesting and potentially useful, particularly the steps dedicated to assigning oversight responsibility and identifying areas of risk (Golensky,
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