Reflective Essay On Social Work

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The one common passion that all social workers have is the ability to fight for other individual’s human rights and justice. What society often forgets is the fact that every human being in the world has human rights, but everywhere you go there are people mistreated and considered disposable. In a world that has a vast amount of cultures and customs, it is pertinent that social workers become aware of the diversity that exists. Social workers are expected to be culturally competent, empathetic, and sensitive to those that might be different from us. Social workers are the instruments to change the lives of people in mirco, meso, and macro settings. Social workers, especially those who are therapists or case managers, need to have a global perspective while working in the field. Social with global perspectives will help social workers empathize with their clients, teach them skills that can be applied in the field, and understand how one policy in one country can affect others.…show more content…
As social workers, we can understand that where we live and what has been instilled in our life has shaped the person we are today. Having a global perspective will help those social workers that want to work one on one with individuals to understand that not everyone has had the same experiences solely on the fact that an individual lives in the United States. As social workers, having a greater knowledge of the world, its people and cultures, an awareness of basic human rights that apply to everyone can enhance empathy and provoke a desire to take action on behalf of oppressed and victimized people everywhere (Hawkins,
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