Essay on The Procurement Process and Specifications

Essay on The Procurement Process and Specifications

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Procurement Specifications:
The procurement process usually requires crucial planning based on the complexity and size of the specific procurement. The process involves generating and reviewing requirements and specifications for procurement. Generating and reviewing these requirements and specifications is geared towards ensuring effective planning. The most appropriate process for generating and reviewing procurement specifications would include defining the outcome, defining specifications, identifying risks, researching the procurement market, and preparing a business case (“Guidance on the Mandatory Procurement Procedures”, 2005).
Defining the outcome is the first important step in generating and reviewing procurement requirements and specifications because it provides clear and precise description of what needs to be satisfied by the procurement and how it will be satisfied. The description of the outcome in turn helps in identifying the required product or service, the necessary quantities, and the delivery of the product or service. This is followed by defining specifi...

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