Procrastination Is The Most Common Problem Essay

Procrastination Is The Most Common Problem Essay

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Procrastination is the plague that infects most of the students during their academic career. According to Hara Estroff Morano, “Procrastination is the one personal flaw that every student and adult in our time-pressured culture openly admits to” (41). It is easy to say you will do this assignment tomorrow but the next day you find the same work become stressing as you are running against the due date. Avoiding procrastination might seem impossible, especially when it becomes a habit, but there are methods suggested by experts to eliminate it. Techniques such as following a schedule, avoiding distractions, taking action, breaking to-do’s into smaller pieces, learning frustration–tolerance skills and last but not least having an internal motivation will help students avoid their procrastinating habit.
Procrastination is the most common problem seen in students. Students who do not procrastinate are more likely to succeed in their life in comparison to one’s who do. According to Margaret Kaminsky in “Why Can’t I Stop Procrastinating” people procrastinate mainly because they are scared of being successful. She says students satisfied with B’s are assisted by procrastination, which prevents them from their best achievable result. (Kaminsky 17) Getting rid of this bad habit will help students become happier, smarter and successful during and after their academic career. There are various ways of how and why people procrastinate, but often times there are same possible outcomes it brings, such as lack of perfection and frustration. The good thing about having a result is, it also indicates there are some solutions that are applicable to improve yourself, no matter what type of procrastination you are a victim of.
Procrastinators gene...

... middle of paper ... a major impact in a student’s life. It is the main reason that brings failure and stress during academic career. Students who can not avoid the habit of saying, “I will do it tomorrow” are mostly the one who are infected by procrastination. Haygood from Burns’s article suggests, ‘“If doing what you are doing is not getting you to where you want to be, you have to decide if it is better to keep the habit you have or change it.’” Students who are struggling in their academic career and are victims of procrastination should try to follow the various techniques if they want a positive change in life. Just following these methods for a few weeks might not definitely fix your bad habit because it all depends upon you and how motivated you are to keep it going. It is better to know that what can be done tomorrow can be started today in order to achieve a better outcome.

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