Cause And Effects Of Procrastination

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Most humans have habits, habits in which they do simply because if they do not do them they feel uncomfortable. Procrastination is one of those habits that not all, but most people suffer from. Procrastination means to put off key things to do less important things that could possibly wait. It has been proving that all most everyone procrastinates, but procrastination does not determine what type of person one is. Procrastination is like a virus or a bad cold that does not want to go away. If one does not stop the problem it will get bigger; therefore, if people do not control their procrastinating they will start to do it more. However, the worst time to procrastinate is in college. College students often forget hoe important time is. Being a procrastinator can lead to several different outcomes. Procrastination can led to either good or bad outcomes. It all depends on the person doing the procrastinating. Procrastination is not always meant to happen; sometimes it simply happens because a person is too busy. Procrastination has both good and bad causes and effects, can cause failure, and bad decisions. There are four major causes of procrastination. The first cause is, students and other …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that procrastination is one of those habits that not all, but most people suffer from. it's like a virus or bad cold that doesn't want to go away.
  • Explains the four major causes of procrastination: students go out before they finish their work, take naps, and forget to study. distractions can be both external and internal.
  • Explains that procrastination is one of the biggest problems that teens and other human have to deal with.
  • Explains the four major effects of procrastination: students forget to finish their work after putting it off for something less important, and students rush through work due to time wasted.

The first effect is that a student forgets to finish his or her work after putting it off for something less important. Secondly, students rush through their work due to time wasted. The next effect is a good effect. It is when a student produces his or her best work when they start their work early or late. The last of the four effects of procrastination is the outcome of not studying or just being lazy and it is cheating. Unfourntly, when people put themselves in situations where time is a problem they procrastinate. For example, most people who procrastinate do not use their time wisely; procrastinators are usually the ones who wait until the day before an assisgnment is due to do

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