Procedural Justice, Policing, And Communication Essay

Procedural Justice, Policing, And Communication Essay

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In many years there has been a debate about procedural justice, policing community and communication in policing. Each of this topic is extremely important for the police to follow in order to maintain the community safe and build trust within the community. Police legitimacy is also important for the police to build a good relationship with the public. This essay analysis on what is procedural justice, community policing, and communication in policing and how each of this topic contribute to the legitimacy of police within the community. Each of this top is extremely important for police officer to be aware in order to effectively deal with any issue and build relationships with the community.
Procedural justice
Firstly, Procedural justice relates to public judgements regarding the processes of fair treatment which the police create decision and implement authority. Procedural justice basically means treating everyone fairly with respect. (University of western Sydney 2010) the need of the police in the community is essentially to protect life, apprehend offenders, and help those in need of assistance. Police officer is honest, truthful in dealing with public and do not compromise or abuse their position. Police officer is always trying their best of ability to keep the community safe, reduce crime rate and treat everyone with respect. However, police officer also abuse their power and abuse power regarding unlawful arrest, illegal search, detention or seizure , misuse of authority and improper languages. The police officer is not treating everyone with respect; they are discriminating people from other country and treating them unfair. (Cao, Huang 2000) Furthermore, according to university of western Sydne...

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...e rate will increase. The community is working together with police department and organizations, individual, citizens, public and private organizations to identify problem and resolve it in the community. The police cannot be able to deal with crime alone. Evidence indicated that police is stereotyping people and treating them unlawfully. Police corruption is another issue which police officer misuse their power for personal gain and this will have negative effect on law enforcement and public is inevitable to not trust police. Effective communication is extremely essential for the police to effectively spread information in public. The police officer must keep in mind that not every is fluent in English therefore must speak in plain English.

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