Civilian Oversight Model

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Throughout the evolution of police, there has always been an unsteady relationship with the public. The waver in civilian’s confidence in law enforcement agencies can be attributed to the increase in police misconduct, or corruption. Then a new strategy called, civilian oversight model was introduced giving regular citizens the chance to have a say in police conduct. The public was in full support of the new model implemented through the law enforcement agencies. However, there was disagrees in the police field with the public having more power over there actions. The increased implementation of civilian oversight models for police wrongdoing has both positive, and negative attributes to the community as a whole.
Police misconduct is a
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First, the citizens investigate allegations of police misconduct and report their findings to the head of the agency. Then certain officers investigate allegations and develop a conclusion, submitting it to the head of the agency for approval or rejection. Lastly, an auditor investigates the process the agency uses to accept and investigate complaints and reports to the agency and the community the thoroughness and fairness of the process (Finn). A final decision will be handed down and further implications against the accused police officer will be…show more content…
Through the civilian oversight model, the two different worlds have joined, some agreeing and others disagreeing with the involvement. We have the police who disagree, and the public who agrees with the ability to get involved with the overseeing of police misconduct. I believe the civilian oversight model is a great method that was developed because it allows for civilians and officers to work hand in hand together to overcome a situation. Although law enforcement agencies are against the model there are ways to ensure a better opinion of the model. The training of oversight staff and volunteers can make sure that adequate individuals are chosen to hold position in the model. Oversight systems can require that a department supervisor attend hearings, and be called to answer questions about the department’s policies (Finn). Altogether, the law enforcement department and the public are moving towards a better correlation together with the civilian oversight model in
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