The Problems Of Special Education Essay

The Problems Of Special Education Essay

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The information that has been given from Marta’s teacher has given us a taste of her educational background and what we are dealing with. We now have a sense about her life academically, socially, emotionally, and developmentally. From what was shared, it is evident that special education is needed in Marta’s future in order to grow academically. She is struggling with many things such as reading at a level that is well below what she should be reading at in order to be in the same range as her classmates and she is also struggling with simple math problems. Another one of Marta’s hardships are her behavioral problems and speech problems, which is making them concerned because they have explained that that is why they feel Marta is having a hard time making friends. I have learned many things thorough this module and this case falls into the category where the students academics are retained and assessed and evaluated in order for the student to considered and determined if they fall into the classification of needing special education attention, not only assuming that they do, which many people do just because some kids may be slower than others. The way you need to go about handling this situation in order for it to be correct and to avoid any legal offenses is by calling a meeting with the parent or guardian and address the issue at hand. Parent or guardian approval in order to begin the process of an IEP is probably the most important part of this whole entire process and it is a very delicate topic to come about since no parent would ever want to go through hearing that their child is struggling in this manner.
After you finish that big portion of the process, the teacher can begin doing what he or she needs to do in order t...

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...istant teacher in an included classroom does not mean that she should not be able to be in a classroom like that because she needs to be able to express her feelings and to be able to communicate with her peers in order for her to have progress with her IEP.
Finally, in order for these changes to be made and for Marta to be able to grow academically and behaviorally, the IEP individuals that are assigned to her case need to work as a team. At this point Marta is in sixth grade and she is not developmentally or emotionally stable and those are the reasons why IDEA and IEP’s are put into order. It is the responsibility of the IEP teams that are put together to foresee these accomplishments and to meet those goals to hopefully see Marta be able to move forward educationally, developmentally, and emotionally including a life that is independent and also free from aid.

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