Problem Prevention Pl Effective Classroom Management Essay

Problem Prevention Pl Effective Classroom Management Essay

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Problem Prevention Plan: Effective Classroom Management
The intentional teacher has knowledge of classroom management strategies and the ability to implement those strategies into daily instruction. A teacher’s job includes many responsibilities, “managing students, managing the classroom, assessing prior knowledge, communicating ideas effectively, taking into account the characteristics of learners, assessing learning outcomes, and reviewing information” (Slavin, 2015, p.5). The best way to create an effective learning environment is to begin with a well thought out plan for success. The following details a plan for designing a well-managed reading class that facilitates learning for a group of 20-24 sixth graders in a Title I, K-6 elementary school located in rural Alabama. Within this class, are two students with an IEP, receiving extra support in reading. The school’s demographics are like most schools in rural Alabama. The school population is 57% Caucasian, 41% African-American, and approximately 2% Hispanic. Roughly a third of the students reside in low-income housing. Close to 75% of the student population is eligible for free or reduced lunch. Many of these students are being raised in single parent homes or by aging grandparents. The school is the lowest-achieving school in the district. Math proficiency scores from the previous year indicate 31% of students being proficient. Reading proficiency scores are at 20% The school ranks in the bottom 30% of schools in Alabama based on ACT Aspire testing results. As an educator, I must consider these factors when planning to meet the needs of my students. As a Christian, I am also charged with sharing the love of Christ and being a role model for these students. “And you should...

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...ul thought to classroom management and to creating an effective learning environment. Class rules and procedures must be created and practiced during the first crucial weeks of school. Students must view their learning environment as a stable community and have faith that they are safe and accepted in that community. Putting these theories and strategies to work will decrease behavior issues. “Creating democratic, participatory classrooms can give students ways of achieving recognition and control in a positive environment, reducing the need to act out” (Slavin, 2015, p. 292). Above all, these theories and strategies, will create an environment where the love of Christ is displayed through the actions of both the educator and the students as instructed by scripture, “Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth” (1 John 3:18 NIV).

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