The Problem Of World Hunger Essay

The Problem Of World Hunger Essay

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World Hunger, It’s More Than Food, It’s Political.

Americans often take for granted all the resources that are provided amongst us. The famous line, “there is nothing to eat in this house” is commonly still used today. Why do we still complain when yet our kitchen is stocked full of food. Is it sarcasm? Anything tastes good if you are hungry enough. What about that common late night snack we suddenly crave some evenings? We get up and mosey on down to the refrigerator that seemingly looks like heaven at 1a.m.. Not everyone has this luxury and it is usually overlooked.
Approximately 795 million out of the 7.125 billion people in the world do not have enough food to live a healthy life. Around 12.9 % or 1 in 9 people are undernourished right now (WFP). Many groups have been developed to end world hunger but, with a higher power, world hunger could eventually come to an end.
This topic is extremely important to me because of the homeless and hungry in Portland, Maine. Portland has a high homeless rate and one can usually see them on just about every street corner. As you sit in your car at a stop light do you ever debate whether they are really homeless? Or do they want money for drugs? It is such a disappointment to see people who really do not need the money for food and this is happening in my own city. This topic relates to this class, Contemporary World Problems, because hunger is a worldwide epidemic that seems to be overlooked.
Many projects have been conducted to try end world hunger. Statistics have been documented related to world hunger since the 1970’s, but world hunger has been going on long before then. In order to stop this problem, people need to become more aware of this huge epidemic, but ...

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...vation. That number is outrageous. I have thankfully never gone hungry, but not many people have this luxury. They often wonder where their next meal is going to come from and when they are going to get it. This issue is so important to me because I am familiar with people from Portland that are homeless and hungry. I went to Portland High School where there was more than 26 different spoken languages, and people from 41 different countries. Some of the people I went to school with were homeless. One of which I see in Portland regularly holding a sign saying, “Just Hungry”. No one should have to experience hunger especially young adults and children; their bodies are still developing. Knowing this kid is hungry and homeless is quite devastating and this is how world hunger affects me personally.

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